Why Video Marketing Is Powerful?

why video marketing is powerful

Videos over the past few years have created a mark for themselves. Any digital marketing agency realizes the immense potential that videos have. Video marketing, over the past few years, has helped in the exponential growth of businesses. This is the main reason why it’s in demand by startups or business owners.

Promoting content using video marketing strategy has become a new normal. The amount that a viewer can retain by watching a video is unparalleled. This is one of the reasons why video marketing is powerful.

So now we’ll see some interesting things about video marketing that can help you expand your business.

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Video Marketing’s X Factor Over Other Promotional Forms?

As you can see in the bar graph below, it clearly indicates that the video marketing format is popular. Viewers want more content in video format than any other. This is the reason why it becomes important to understand that what makes video marketing stand out.

what kind of content you wanted to see from business you support

Therefore, we’ll look at some of the factors that give video format an edge when it comes to promoting business.

1. More content retention

Videos have always had the power of attracting viewers towards themselves. A viewer watching a video feels personally connected to the content. He’s able to hear and comprehend the person speak much clearer than in pure text form. It makes grasping content easy and less time-consuming. At the end of it, he’s able to retain the content.

2. Listening and seeing factor

Since videos focus more on visualization and animations, learning and remembering facts become less of a burden. This is why you’re more likely to go for a video rather than a text discussing a common subject. Humans tend to understand better through the process of visualization.

3. Creative animation

The video comprises creative animation that is fun yet informative. It makes the process of learning simple and enjoyable. These animations trigger our minds to retain the information for a much longer period. Therefore, having animations and graphical representation makes the content much more engaging than simple text.

4. Better viewer engagement

Having videos explain a subject is more effective than trying to grasp the plain text. You can get better engagement by social media brand activation using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms, you can find like-minded people and even the one who posted the original video. The beauty of the platform is that it allows engagement between different viewers and that is a plus point.

Analyzing Video Marketing Strategy To Benefit Your Business!

1. Topic on videos to make

There can be many questions in your mind as to what should be your topic of the video. To answer this question, you first need to know your interests. You can have an interest in sports or entertainment, therefore making a video on that topic will be fun and natural to you.

The other factor can be to make a video by looking at what’s trending. Having a relevant video on the subject that’s trending will give you more views. This is a workable trick that you must try.

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2. Making an interesting video

While making a video you might have doubts like how to make a video interesting. In that case, you must have a subject that the viewers like. Next, you also need to use creative animations like Doodle or have some infographics.

Having a plain video can also be boring, so you can shift focus to some graphs that have animations. This will make the video look great. There are many online editing tools that you can use to have special effects or animation in your video.

3. Great quality video on a low budget

Having a limited budget and not wanting to compromise on the quality of the video can be painful. However, to get rid of the problem, there are many tools online that are free to use. You can also pay a little amount or purchase these tools on a subscription basis.

A phone having a decent camera will be a good start for your video creation. However, you must allocate a majority of your budget on audio receptive devices like a mic. People must be able to listen clearly to what you speak. Also having a soft light setup will be a great help to improving the quality of your video.

Importance Of Analytics In Video Marketing? Get to know below!

Most of the video promotion is done on social media platforms these days. Even Youtube is lagging because you have to invest more time to choose the right Youtube ad format. This is primarily due to the millions of users that are already logged into social media platforms.

major social media platforms

1. Facebook

When it comes to having the largest base of social media users, then FB is unparalleled. It has a diverse base of users that log into FB to do various things. Be it surfing social media or engaging with video content. Facebook is the perfect platform for promoting your business using video marketing.

Having a creative video that draws the attention of the social media user can be profitable. Lead generation, through engagements, can happen. You can check your engagements by looking at the insights. From here you can get to know about the user’s gender, relationship status, etc by setting the location. Using this information, you can target the audience.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a well know photo-sharing social media platform that also has a video option for posting available. Due to the large presence of Gen M/ Gen Z users, it can be used for video marketing of ‘youth-related products’.

To get an idea of the audience engagement, age, and gender you can use the insights tools. It’ll provide you with bar graphs that you can use for making a video content strategy. Posting video content, on the basis of planned strategy, will give you more views and engagements.

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3. Youtube

Youtube Studio has a special section where you can get all the analysis of the audience. Having a geographical location set, you can create a strategy for posting videos targeting a specific audience. This planned strategy will help you in gaining leads that can turn into sales.

Check Out Some Industries That Need To Have A Video Marketing Strategy!

When it comes to video marketing, then there are some industries that need promotional video content. A video provides a deep insight into the industries including various aspects. The video can have flexibility by comprising actual footage and animation to give the viewers a better understanding.

So, let’s check out some industries where video marketing can be helpful.

1. SaaS

Well, there is nothing interesting about Software as a Service (SaaS) and this is the reason it needs promotion. SaaS can be beneficial to a lot of teams however to market it you need to have promotional videos. The video marketing strategy must be such to make SaaS look more appealing even to those who aren’t interested.

The above challenge can be only achieved by making creative videos to promote the service. Video marketing can help SaaS to unlock potential customers.

2. Travel & Hospitality

Much of the travel and hospitality industry depends on how content is advertised. Therefore, having incredible video content describing and telling the USPs will be great. It’ll work wonders for the promotion of the industry or the travel. Having a video will also give way to sharing personal experiences.
Having testimonials in the video content can assure the authenticity and credibility of the place. This is the reason why video marketing will greatly benefit this particular industry.

3. Healthcare

It’s vital to have video marketing of the healthcare industry because of the life-saving procedures performed by them. Promoting a particular surgery or a hospital through video will give the viewer a better look inside. The viewer will come to know about the advantages of shifting the patient to a particular hospital based on the amenities they’ve to offer.

This will boost the image of the health center because of the variety it has to treat the patients.

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