Why SEO Is An Important Aspect For Business?

why seo is important for business


There’s always a burning query, why SEO is important for business? To address this question we must first understand what SEO is and comprehend its components. This will help us in clearing all our doubts as to how this technique can help in business growth. SEO and digital marketing go side by side, therefore it’ll be beneficial for you to understand the former clearly.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique to divert the traffic to your websites using various tricks. It plays an important role in a digital marketing agency.

The content above gives you a gist of what SEO is all about. However, to have a better and crisp understanding, go through the headings and content below.

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What components does SEO comprises? Points listed below!

To have a lucid understanding of SEO, you need to get a hold of its components. SEO components are the attributes, that’ll ensure the improvement of your website’s rank. So let’s take a gander at some of the points and try to understand them.

components of seo

H1 Tags

Before we begin writing a blog, we must have a heading. The heading that we’re going to start with must be designated H1. This will give clarity that it’s the ‘main’ heading and can comprise several subheadings.
By following this step, the blog will be organized and the ranking of the page will improve.

Keyword density

While writing a blog, you must use ‘appropriate keywords’ that’ve high search volume. By using such keywords strategically, you can direct the traffic to your blog and improve the search results. However, you must keep in mind the density or the number of times you’re using the keyword(s). According to the belief of SEO experts, 1-2%keyword density is optimal.

Meta Description

It’s one of the important components of SEO. Meta description contains a very short and crisp description of the entire blog with the focus keyword in it. It can also contain a little bit of promotional content.


Including permalinks in your blog is a good SEO practice as it links to the exact blog. After you’ve posted a number of blogs, the old blogs will be pushed back to the bottom. Therefore, permalinks in your new blogs will ensure a person can click on them to get to an old blog. This also improves the ranking of your website!


One of the components of SEO involves linking to other blogs. In simple terms, you can use backlinks on your website and direct to other’s blogs. This will increase the authenticity of your website.

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If you want a consistent and reliable audience for your business, then the importance of SEO optimization is crucial. This is exactly why you need to go through the points mentioned below. These points will give you an idea of what to keep in mind for an excellent online presence.

Proper research is necessary

Before writing content, research of the subject and keywords is important. Proper research will give you an upper edge over your competition. Therefore, you must plan a strategy before writing a blog/article on a subject and then proceed with it.

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Organizing keywords in post

Including keywords in a manner that ranks the page is highly necessary! Points to keep in mind are as follows:

1. Keyword density must be 1-2%
2. Focus keyword included in the main heading
3. Focus keyword included at least once in a subheading
4. Keywords must be spread evenly throughout the blog
5. Include focus keyword while ending or in the conclusion

Concise description of images

While writing a blog the images you put in it must be relevant to the subject. You must enter the alt text and it must have a keyword with a concise description. It’s also good to include images like a graph which helps a user to make a comparison.

Use backlinks to reference others

SEO company also uses backlinks in order to rank a page. It includes have a link of others to your blog in order to increase the reliability of your site. The search engine then improves the ranking of your blog.

Include subscription option for blog

Having a subscription feature is always beneficial. This is because you can get to earn some form of revenue from your blogs. Having features like these increases the authenticity of your websites/blog. This results in a good ranking.

Why mobile optimization is a must & its impact on business?

There are 3 billion mobile devices in the world and the number is growing. This shows the preferred device for accessing websites is mobile due to its flexibility and easy access.

worldwide online traffic

Page speed

Accessing through mobile comes up with challenges because of hardware and connectivity issues. Therefore, the code for the website must be responsive and SEO practices must be followed to the core for better ranking.

Don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images

Back in the days, webmasters couldn’t allow all the three to be on the website and therefore blocked one. However, that is not the case now, you can use all three elements. This also helps the responsiveness of the site to improve and in turn gives a better ranking.

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Site design for mobile

Keep the points listed below in mind while making a mobile site. This will lead to good SEO and your ranking will improve significantly

1. Don’t use Flash while making a mobile site

2. Avoid using pop-ups on your mobile site

3. Design for people who have fat fingers

Concise titles and meta description

The meta title and met description should be attractive enough to make the visitor click. It must also contain the focus keyword that you’ve included in your blog. Following such good practices will help in the SEO specialist(s) to improve the ranking.

Configuring mobile site

Having a responsive website is a must if you’re looking to have a good rank for a greater audience. Therefore, you must keep in mind that the technology you use while making mobile websites is flexible. In short, the user must be able to ‘pinch’ the screen according to his comfort.

Take a quick peek at the top SEO trends mentioned below!

Knowledge regarding SEO trends is a must because then only you can get a good ranking. Therefore, you need to keep yourself up to date to know what are SEO hacks. So let’s take a look at some of the trends that’ll make an impact and can lead to better page ranking.

Core Web Vitals

Google announced 3 new parameters to check the speed of page loading. These are called core web vitals which measure user experience on the basis of load, interactivity, and visual stability.

Google’s BERT

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. It uses machine learning to think like a human and filter out searches that are relevant. However, it’ll not penalize your ranking.

Keyword research

Organized and systematic keyword research is a must. There are many tools that let you know which all keywords can be used in the blog. It proves to be quite useful to create SEO-based content.

Original content

An original content, that isn’t copied from elsewhere is the best for Google and will definitely rank. There are many plagiarism tools that’ll help you identify copied content.

Voice search

Nowadays most of the searches are voice-based. Thanks to voice-based assistants like Google Home and Alexa, you needn’t type. However, queries are long-tail and therefore keywords used must be specific.

Artificial intelligence

It takes a long time to understand the behavior of search engine algorithms by SEO experts. However, with the help of AI, this task gets easy and fast. There are several companies providing AI-based solutions for better content ranking

Video marketing

Having videos and linking them to your site will do wonders with respect to ranking. Creating Youtube vids and linking them to your website will definitely help in increasing your page’s rank.

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