Can Content Marketing Help Your Business?

can content marketing help your business

In modern times having a business that isn’t exposed to the internet is a serious issue. Therefore, to resolve this, there are digital marketing agency, that helps in content marketing for startups. It helps in getting the much-needed target audience and prospective customers.

If you wish to do content marketing, then you must distribute relevant content on a timely basis. The platform to distribute also matters a lot.

Let’s now check some elements of the content marketing strategy that must be practiced.

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What Are The Elements Of Content Marketing Strategy? Check Them Out!

When we talk about content marketing strategy, then it encompasses various elements. To have an effective strategy you must know about each of these elements. So, take a gander at some of the elements that might help you in building an effective strategy. This will also help you in generating better sales results.

1. Customer persona

Having a customer persona is a must if you’re looking for a well-rounded content marketing strategy. This will give you the idea to create content on the needs and requirements of the customer. Your content will be more customer-specific and the probability of satisfaction will be good.

2. Listening Posts

An important aspect of content strategy is listening and forming content on the basis. Therefore, there are various platforms from where you can listen to the content of your choice and prepare a strategy. Some common listening tools are, Feedly, Google Alerts, Talkwalker, etc.

3. Brand story

Every brand gained its reputation by having a clear-cut mission, vision, and values. This is what separated them from the rest of the competition. Therefore, having an impressive brand story that relates to the customer is crucial for marketing.

4. Channel Strategy

Distribution of content on the right and suitable platform has an important role. So before posting content, you must also analyze the suitable platform for it. For infographics, the best platform is Instagram. This is one such example of posting the right type of content in the right place.

5. Content marketing ROI

Having a limited budget is one of the challenges that most companies face while having an online presence. Despite the importance of content, budget allocation is limited. Therefore, a content marketing strategy should be effective and perform the job as advertised.

Types Of Content Marketing For Promoting Business!

For content marketing to be successful, you need to have a basic understanding of its types. There are various types in which content can be promoted. However, there are some special types that have tried and tested results of having the audience’s attention. Let’s take a quick look at each of them below.

types of content marketing

1. Blog

When it comes to content marketing that primarily focuses on text, then a blog is highly popular. It’s the form that is most used on the internet to spread informational content. The best part is that it attracts the audience to keep them engaged.

2. Video

The most popular format for content marketing is through videos. Videos are known for being highly engaging and exceptional viewer retention rate. This makes it perfect for having video marketing strategy.

3. Podcast

It’s getting to be a popular content marketing platform. A podcast is an audio-based content-sharing platform. A creator can use this format to promote his business. Some of the tools for this are Anchor, CastBox, etc.

4. Infographic

In order to promote content, infographics are highly recommended. You can use them in your blog, video, or individually. It is the picture depicting information or stats. Piechart, bar graphs, histograms are some of the forms of infographics.

5. Email

Over the past few years, email marketing has gained ground for the promotion of business. There are various tools that help you in generating awesome emails that’ll help you in business growth.

These are some of the preferred content marketing formats that you can use. It’ll allow you to generate interest in the audience and can also lead to possible conversions. Generally, videos as a form of content have been consumed majorly. So, you can also use Youtube video marketing for propagating content.

Some Amazing Content Marketing Tools To look Out For!

To promote a business you need to have great content and know how to use some amazing tools. These tools will ensure that you get the maximum audience without worrying too much. Therefore, it’s important to understand these tools that’ll contribute to conversion from lead generation to sales if used effectively.

Let’s briefly discuss the tools listed below.

1. Answer the public

This is an amazing tool if you’re having trouble deciding your question for the heading of your content. It gives you various ideas that you can have for your heading. You can also check those headings whether they’re ranking or not and use them accordingly in your blog.

2. Google Trends

It’s a type of analytics that Google offers you to find out which topics are popular. You want to start blogging, however, you don’t know what to write about, in that case, use Google trends. You can get to know what are the topics which are trending and accordingly create blogs related to them.

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3. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere let you find the specific words that are being used, most of the time, on the internet. This lets you target those words while writing a blog and the chances of diverting web traffic to your blog increases. It helps in improving your webpage’s ranking by using keywords that have high search volume.

4. Canva

To represent great content is an art and Canva is the canvas for painting your art. When it comes to presenting your content, then there’s no other platform better than Canva. It has a host of pre-made templates that you can use to have attractive content.

These are some tools that you can use to have content that draws heavy web traffic. The tools will start giving you results with consistent use and organized plan execution.

Get to know Content Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Business!

Content marketing for any business plays a vital role in its growth in this digital age. The facts presented in the picture clearly show how content marketing makes a difference.

facts about content marketing

Let’s take an example of a real estate business and see how content marketing converts a lead to a sale. The 3 points listed below are in the form of a funnel. They display how to narrow down the approach to convert a lead into a customer.

1. Awareness

Say for example that you’re searching for renting a house/room in a different city. In that case, you’ll go to a website and look at its content. After a few days, you might receive a mail having text-based content like a blog. The topic of the blog can resonate with your search – How to decide a great real estate providing company?

You’ll read the content and there are high chances to visit the website again and to read it carefully. This happened due to the ‘magnet’ in the form of a mail-providing blog.

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2. Consideration

After some days, you can get a mail from the same website that gives the testimonials of the happy customers. This will definitely draw your attention to the website and you’ll start considering it using for renting purposes. This is how the website has continuously been engaging you.

However, a good content strategy doesn’t stop here. You’ll also receive emails like – What to do before you leave a city? Providing these sorts of checklists in the form of blogs will keep you glued to the particular website.

3. Decision

Getting such valuable information from a single website in the form of a blog embedded in a mail is precious. Therefore, you’ll turn out to be a loyal customer of the website. There are higher chances that you may also refer the website to someone you know.

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