Why Is SEO Needed When Redesigning A Website?

why seo needed when redesigning a website

With the algorithms of search engines becoming more effective day by day, SEO plays an important part. A website, regardless of having great content, will fail to perform if SEO practices are not followed. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have SEO fundamentals followed while designing a website. A digital marketing agency will be able to handle such tasks.

SEO is a method of having a website discovered to a target audience. In simple terms, it means bringing traffic to your website. It has a lot of parameters that ensure you get the required audience for your website or online business.

Not having SEO is one of the digital marketing mistakes. Therefore, let’s see the need for SEO, in-depth, below and analyze the importance of it.

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Take A Gander For The Need Of SEO For A Website

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, in simple terms, referring to make your site visible. The technique is needed as you can’t simply make your website visible on the basis of content. Therefore, SEO comes into play, and having it on a site becomes beneficial for your digital presence.

Having a ton of websites on Google makes the job of ranking a website tremendously challenging. It’ll be easy for the web crawler to find and rank a website having good content with SEO practices. Have a look at the points that an SEO company takes notice of.

1. Domain

Having a website that offers your products or services is great. But you must also put thought into having a relevant domain name. Having a domain name that matches your content will be easy for the web crawler to identify your site. E.g. Our endeavor at gsbyrawat is to provide quality content specific to competitive exams held in India. Therefore, it makes sense to use www.gsbyrawat.in as a domain name.

2. Hosting

When it comes to having hosting, then you must host your website that is known for reliability. It’s because your website’s files and other important data will be stored here. Therefore, for having a fast, seamless, and reliable functioning of your website, you need to choose an appropriate host. For this, you can do the research or consult using the internet by watching videos on Youtube.

3. CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is known for publishing and editing content. You don’t need dedicated designers or developers to make changes to the site when you want. Having a CMS will provide you with the ability to apply the changes yourself.

For a trouble-free redesign – Check out the points below!

Having a website that exists already but is not able to get the target audience can be an upset. So you need to redesign the website to get the desired results. Take a look at the factors that play a key role in redesigning a website that is SEO-friendly.

1. Let the old site be live

Ensure the site can’t be accessed by the crawler by having a temporary address to keep the old site. This is because you can have a glitch in the future and having an old site, for reference, won’t hurt.

2. Save crawl data

Have a backup and save the old crawl even if the site is on a temporary URL. Having an old crawl is beneficial for you to do analysis. You can evaluate the deductions and then apply them to redesigned site.

3. Don’t fix unnecessary

If there are things that are working fine, then there is no need to change them unnecessarily. If the URL and it design structure is fine, then modifying it won’t help. Therefore, try redesigning where it can make a difference.

4. Content

Having content that follows the right SEO practices will yield results. Therefore, you can check the content quality on real-time sites. It’ll let you know whether the content is SEO-friendly or not. You can then frame the content according to the set parameters for SEO.

5. Update your backlinks

Analyze the backlinks and check which ones are your best. Use the backlinks effectively and strategically in your site for maximum audience hits on your website.

6. Internal links

To get a good audience hit, you need to have internal links in your content or your site. If you’re having various internal links in a blog directing to old blogs, then the site can perform better.

Content Management WordPress – Better For Redesigning Website?

word press being used to develop business sites

WordPress is a content management system. The best part about the CMS is that it provides you with flexibility. You can add themes, publish content, etc. of your choice. It gives you the complete authority of maintaining your site. Therefore, if you find it difficult to hire designers and developers, then WordPress is the choice.

1. Free and open-source software

Since WordPress is a free platform, it doesn’t cost you anything to download it. You can start designing your website for free and by settings different themes. It’s open-source, which means that you can find the problem solving and apply them to the platform when you face trouble. Therefore, having WordPress is a boon for businesses that have a limited budget.

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2. Website safety and regular updates

WordPress offers you decent security for your websites. In the age of cyber attacks, you need to have a website that’s having good security. Therefore, WordPress to some extent provides security as well as there are regular updates. Therefore, if there are any new modifications, then they can be applied easily.

3. SEO friendly web platforms

The significance of SEO can not be denied when it comes to the ranking of the websites. Therefore, the platform also plays a role in SEO determination. Having a platform, where you can easily put Headings and subheadings contacting keywords written in doc, makes things easier. The platform provides for SEO-friendly environment and working on it less challenging than many.

4. WordPress is a free and open-source software

One of the many advantages of WordPress is that it’s open-source. This means that if you face any issues, then you can refer to the internet for solutions. You can get the issues resolved by checking in on their huge forum where you can find all the FAQs with reliable solutions.

Get To Know About Mobile SEO & Its Importance Below!

With over 3 billion people using mobile, they use the device to surf the internet. Therefore, having a website that performs and runs smoothly on mobiles is important. Choosing the right platform to build a website to using content strategies for better results is crucial.

percentage of global mobile traffic

Let’s take a look at a couple of things that you must keep in mind for mobile SEO.

1. Keywords in title and meta description

Once you’ve written the content, it can be a blog or an article, you need to have a title and meta. These two things need to be described because they’ll be the first two things that the viewer will see. So having focus keywords written in the title and meta description will attract the audience. They’ll know that they are searching for the right thing. Therefore, mentioning the two things are important.

2. Use optimized image

While writing a blog is a good thing, you must also use images in it. Having images or infographics will make the audience interested and will remain on the site for a long time. Once you’ve got their attention, then conversion rates are also high. Therefore, use relevant images to the subject while posting.

Make sure that the images are simply not copied but are used as a reference. You need to design your images so as to not get a copyright issue filed against you.

3. Mobile-friendly web designs

Since most of the internet users these days access using mobile, you need a mobile-friendly website. Having a mobile-friendly website includes dynamic pages that can respond to the operations of the mobile user. The user when wishes to zoom in or out must be able to do so, Performing an operation on the phone mustn’t be a tedious task.

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