Travis Scott - McDonald’s Marketing Collab: The Hype That Worked

travis scott mcdonalds partnership


Half a month prior McDonald’s came out with a unique, limited edition combo – which was called “Cactus Jack”. The feast became the hit, the one with a lot of debate on the branding strategy.

Hours after Travis Scott released his much-advertised McDonald’s collaboration campaign, the Astroworld craftsman delivered a line of merchandise to his online shop. Let’s have a look at what happened exactly:

The Story

McDonald’s deals have been in decay since 2013. With cheap food chains like Chick-fil-A hot on McDonald’s tail, it needed to accomplish something else or danger getting immaterial. Its answer was to have rapper Travis Scott back a menu thing, something the eatery network hadn’t done in 30 years.

While there was resistance from inside McDonald’s to work with Scott the advancement, which ran for a month in September, was so fruitful McDonald’s ran out of fixings. Before, there are several brands that nailed video marketing strategy, and again, Travis Scott-McDonalds gained a huge hype with their branding collab.

What you need to consummately advertise your image – a popular craftsman to impact your crowds, a total product makeover, and restricting the uncommon release products. McDonald’s made the correct move to smooth out this marking technique.

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How McDonald’s Saw This As An Opportunity?

The food at McDonald’s is quick, reasonable, and needs a lot of health benefits. With new drive-thru eateries springing up, McDonald’s reexamined its market. They saw the brand was losing its association with more youthful multicultural shoppers, explicitly the African-American people group. To contact this crowd, the brand brought in a notable advertising symbol well known among this segment gathering—Travis Scott.

Travis Scott and McDonald’s are currently teaming up in a co-marking exertion. Travis’s name, picture, and slogan, “It’s lit!” is utilized on a product just as the presentation of a combo supper. This combo feast includes a Quarter Pounder with bacon and lettuce matched with a Sprite, fries, and grill plunging sauce.

mcdonalds used this opportunity collab with travis scott

US head advertising official Morgan Flatley remarks, “Travis is the first in a set-up of large big names that resound across sections and are genuine followers of our food and our image.”

Not exclusively is this combo Travis’ #1 dinner from his youth in Houston, however, it intently takes after the generally immovably settled quarter-pounder feast at McDonald’s. Also, the feast combo just expenses $6. $6 for a Travis Scott burger combo feast! What youthful consumer would not have any desire to give it a shot?

CMO Flatley continues, “We need to make sure we are looking through the lens of our operators, our crew, and our people to better connect with African-American youth as we go forward. Today is the beginning of that journey for us.”

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Watch out the complete collab branding video here:

Why this collab worked?

#1 Authentic move

At the point when McDonald’s gone into an organization with Scott, they chose to deliver a restricted version of Scott’s #1 supper, a Quarter Pounder with cheddar, fries with grill sauce, and a Sprite. Sounds pretty fundamental, isn’t that right?

It doesn’t have any uncommon fixings. In any case, that degree of effortlessness caused the mission to appear to be genuine. Scott experienced childhood in Houston eating that each feast at McDonald’s. With regards to validness, McDonald’s nailed this one on the head by deciding to team up with a VIP who is as of now a known fan.

#2 Capitalized analysis

Countless dollars of the product have moved on the grounds that customers have a dread of passing up a major opportunity. Brands like Supreme and Adidas are plans in making publicity with restricted product drops.

Beyonce’s new drop of IVY Park stock sold out in seconds as have a significant number of Kanye West’s drops of Yeezy stock. The Travis Scott industry growth was the same, it was a restricted time offering just accessible for one month.

Restricted time contributions work since they make a desire to move quickly. You don’t have perpetually to attempt Scott’s feast at McDonald’s, you need to attempt it before it’s gone inciting you to eat at McDonald’s.

#3 Inclusion of Diversification

At the point when the Travis Scott organization with McDonald’s was reported a significant number of McDonald’s franchisees were against it. In a study of McDonald’s National Operators Association, 65% of administrators reviewed were against the organization.

One of the essential reasons referred to was that Scott’s verses are unequivocal and not intelligent of a family-accommodating brand. Remarks like that are saturated with bigoted connotations.

The incongruity of those kinds of articulations is that it is McDonald’s own special consumers who are the ones tuning in to Scott’s music. This strategy has become one of the digital marketing trends as it has gained so much popularity due to sheer success.

The achievement of McDonald’s Travis Scott organization is a reminder to its own establishments just as the more extensive retail industry. Roughly 48% of age Z in the United States is nonwhite making this age the most racially and ethnically assorted age in American history.

#4 Risk assessment

Banding together with Scott wasn’t really a danger. Be that as it may, to McDonald’s it was a takeoff from doing things the manner in which it used to. Facing challenges isn’t simple. It’s difficult to change. Danger taking frequently becomes more enthusiastic the more extended an organization is near.

McDonald’s hadn’t named a VIP after a menu thing in 30 years with after it did as such with Michael Jordan. Its association with Scott more likely than not felt unsafe yet McDonald’s did it at any rate. Presently it has a guide for other promoting efforts.

McDonald’s additionally gotten lucky with (or ensured) the way that Scott’s supposed standing request at the café incorporates the option of bacon to their Quarter Pounder.

Learning Factors from McDonald’s – Scott Collab

While Travis Scott and McDonald’s are two enormous brand names, influencer promoting shouldn’t be costly and rich. Influencers are surrounding us on different online media stages with a variety of associations, adherents, and so forth Nonetheless, brands, all things considered, can adjust exercises from Travis Scott’s notable advertising systems:

#1 Connection with the audience

An advertising pattern among buyers today is the act of being friendly and authentic. This Travis Scott feast takes after Travis’ #1 McDonald’s supper as a youngster experiencing childhood in Texas. By advancing this story, McDonald’s contacted the hearts of numerous customers and made that picture that buyers can identify with.

#2 Market analytics

McDonald’s had the option to exploit an incredible chance to bring back a decreasing objective crowd. From leading statistical surveying, the brand recognized the battles of associating with the consumers.

Furthermore, they found an answer by teaming up with a notable individual among the segment — Travis Scott. Statistical surveying will likewise help reveal which stages are ideal to advance the mission.

#3 2-way influencer marketing

While Travis Scott was assisting brands with advertising their organization, he was additionally showcasing himself. He broadened his span and mindfulness by drawing in with McDonald’s and different associations.

effectiveness of influencer marketing

Influencers themselves have extraordinary advertising procedures to advance their image—themselves. Travis Scott is one of the superstars whose coordinated efforts have encouraged him to market those brands and his own.

#4 Hit Theme – “It’s Lit”

Travis Scott is known for including the expression “It’s Lit” in his tunes. McDonald’s conveyed this trademark over to their mission. Utilizing this focal correspondence topic genuinely bound together Travis and McDonald’s in this mission.

Regardless of whether rap music isn’t your number one sort, you most likely heard the name “Travis Scott” sooner or later. Travis Scott has been surprising the rap world since 2008. Notwithstanding, that isn’t the thing that has been standing out as truly newsworthy the previous few months.

Travis has demonstrated himself to be a persuasive advertising symbol with his various joint efforts from his sold-out Nike tennis shoes to his grammy-named Astroworld collection. Most as of late, Travis has cooperated with McDonald’s in a novel manner.

How does CX Crux see This Strategy?

Influencer marketing has been a very effective strategy for many years. Many brands and companies like Samsung, Nike, Amazon, etc. have done it before and grabbed the attention of global audiences. McDonald’s was experiencing a dive in sales but the collab with Travis Scott branding strategy.

CX Crux finds the following highlights that are really impressive in their campaign:

  • A complete makeover of their product, which led to a steep increase in consumer sales. The Cactus Jack meal was a great idea to attract more audience and have the feast.
  • Risk assessment strategy went parallel with the outcomes of the campaigns – which gave them the confidence to the brand to hit the right marks while launching the new meal.
  • Researching on the market to adopt the latest branding trend, which really worked in the end – despite having some controversies.
  • Optimization of campaign theme from “I’m loving it!” to “It’s Lit” – which is a popular phrase utilized by Travis Scott in his songs.

The ideology is well-determined by McDonald’s, and the support from Travis Scott filled the gap really well.

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