How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

how can video marketing help your business

With videos readily available for any topic on Youtube, it’s important to have the right video marketing strategy. The success of your product depends on the route a digital marketing agency takes. The route can comprise flexibility in strategies and techniques to promote your business.

Video is one of the most consumed forms of content as people have greater retention from it. Therefore, video platforms are perfect for advertising your product or service.

Let’s take a look at the strategies and what video marketing deals with, in order, to further your business.

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What Is Video Marketing And How it Furthers Your Business?

To promote your business online, you can have different strategies in consultation with digital marketing companies. However, one thing remains undeniable and that is the importance of video marketing. The statistics in the picture below highlight why video marketing is crucial.

video marketing statistics

Videos, due to their ease of retention, have become the preferred form of content to be consumed. This is the primary reason why its marketing has also had a fair share in the rise. Any business which wants to have growth must invest in video marketing.

Let’s check out some points that highlight the importance of video marketing.

1. More information retention

Watching interesting videos leads to more absorption than in any form content is presented. Therefore, finding a creative way to promote our business using video marketing is a must.

2. Higher chances of business growth

A business will tend to grow more if video marketing is done in an impressive way. A great product can’t alone win the hearts of people. For it to make a success, video marketing can’t be compromised.

3. Attractive for audience

A product these days is known for its impressive promotion. Therefore having creativity and effects in videos plays a crucial role in engaging the audience.

4. Less time consuming

People prefer watching videos because it’s less time consuming and more informative. The rate of content retention in the mind of the viewers is always high. Therefore, video marketing is non-negotiable for the promotion of a product.

5. Creativity required

To have a video that is engaging, you must have creative content. Video marketing of a business should have creativity and have ideas that are out of the box yet relatable. This is what will lead to business growth.

Take A Gander At Video Marketing Using Social Media Platforms!

Video marketing is in much demand for businesses that want quick growth. So, there are certain platforms where you can upload your content for a greater audience.

preferred video posting platforms

There are some social media platforms where you can post your content to engage with a possible audience. This will also help you in knowing about your products, through the comments section, likes, and other factors. Let’s take a quick look at some of the platforms used for uploading video content.

1. Facebook

It is the platform that has the highest number of users and has become a video-sharing platform. Due to this, video marketing is effective on such a platform that offers you a huge audience. Therefore, having creative videos with some special effects will lead to the engagement of the audience.

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2. Instagram

Initially, it was a picture-sharing platform that has now transformed into a robust video-sharing platform as well. With its new features like reel and IGTV, it has become a great video marketing platform. It also provides tools for making the videos creative.

3. Twitter

A micro-blogging site that also has the provision of sharing videos for a short duration. Video marketing can be done on platforms with time limitations. It’s a great platform where you’ll also find renowned celebrities.

4. Snapchat

It’s a relatively new platform that is mostly used by GenZ. You can share short video content here to promote your business online. You can promote your product in a short 60 seconds video that you can put up as your temporary story.

5. Youtube

The primary video marketing platform that has a proven record of reliability and trust. Youtube is the place where you can make videos promoting your business without time constraints. However, video marketing means having short and engaging videos. You also need to choose the right Youtube ad format.

Check Out How To Measure The Response Of Video Marketing!

We all know how video marketing results in lead generation. However, to analyze the leads and to convert them into sales, analytics plays an important role. Therefore, you must know how to find the interests of a group to do targeted marketing. This will lead to better results when you do video marketing using ads on social media platforms.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the popular social media analytics and discuss them.

1. Facebook Analytics

An option for insights lets you analyze your audience. Using this option, you can set various parameters to target your audience. There is a geographical option that you need to set for targeting an audience of a particular country. Once you’ve set that, you can then narrow your search by entering the subject interest that you’re going to promote.

After this, various stats comprising gender, relationship status, and other factors will be displayed. You can analyze these factors to run an ad.

2. Instagram Insights

These tell you about your target audience according to your posts on your Instagram account. So, if you wanna check whether your posts resonate with the target audience or not, then insights will let you know.

Audience growth reveals that how many followers you’ve gained over a period of time. There is also an option of interaction where you get to know about profile visits, website clicks, email clicks, etc.

3. Youtube analytics

Since Youtube is the primary platform for video marketing, it becomes important to understand analytics. From the Youtube Studio dashboard, you can see how your video ranks, average views, average view duration and watch time. This helps you in understanding what your audience likes and doesn’t.

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Top Video Marketing Trends That You Need To Watch Out For!

Let’s take a look at some of the top video trends that you need to keep an eye for. Knowing these trends will help you have a competitive edge and you can use different strategies for marketing purposes.

1. Video usage in 2021

With the increase in content consumption, it has become evident that video format is the preferred choice. Therefore, having creative video content as well as an organized strategy for video marketing is a must. There are various social media platforms where video marketing can be performed effectively.

2. Live stream boom on mobile

With live streaming of content, it has come out as a new method of marketing. You can promote your video content by live-streaming the product or service. This will give the viewers a real-time idea of how the service is and can interact with you firsthand.

3. Short-form videos

These are nowadays the most popular video format that social media platforms have. On Instagram, it’s called Reels and on Youtube, it’s called Shorts. You can promote your content using the short video format offered by these platforms. The engagement option from likes to comment makes it more interactive.

4. User-generated videos

These are the videos that the user generates on their own using basic equipment and platform. It doesn’t take a professional production team. All it takes is a basic setup for promoting your content and a platform that’ll support your content

5. Online training and educational videos

With the demand for virtual training ever-growing due to COVID, online training growth has expanded exponentially. More videos related to education and training are in demand. These videos are then posted on appropriate platforms. Be it Youtube or other professional video content sharing sites like udemy.

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