Why Technical SEO Is Important?

why technical seo is important


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key method of improving the page rank of the website. It involves a lot of techniques that must be followed to ensure the website gets desired visibility. The process is generally handled by a digital marketing agency that provides such services.

SEO is needed to give the website the visibility and audience it requires. To achieve this, it uses various techniques. There are different types of SEO as well to improve the rankings.

The above explanation answers a common question, why SEO is important for your business. Let’s discuss the relevance of technical SEO and how it affects page ranking.

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Take A Look At The Relevance Of SEO In Brief Below!

Having a website for an online presence is one of the first steps that you take towards digital transformation. However, to have an audience that you can convert to sales is more important. Therefore, for bringing the audience to your website, it’s necessary to use some methods so that your website ranks.

It’s well known that simply having an online presence, will not do much benefit to your business. To attract the audience, you need to have your website indexed and ranked on the first page of the search results. Only this will get you the visibility and business that you expect from an online presence.

bar graph importance of technical seo

So, let’s take a brief look at why SEO is relevant to your business concisely.

1. Visibility

To have a successful online business, you need to make sure that you have an audience visiting your website. Therefore, to have visibility, the page rank must be good. This can only be achieved by using SEO techniques that’ll guarantee you good results.

Therefore, using the white Hat SEO type will give you the visibility that you desire.

2. Web traffic

At the end of the day, your business will grow only when you have an audience. Therefore, to target the audience and to get the web traffic that you desire, SEO is a must. An SEO website will perform well in the overall ranking. Having, on-page SEO is different from having Technical SEO of the entire site. So to get the best results, you must take into consideration both of them.

3. Better visitor experience

Just having a website made for your online business isn’t enough. The visitor experience must be good, meaning the interface and the functionalities must be proper. These factors also play an important role in deciding the page rank of the website.

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Understanding Technical SEO & Factors Affecting It!

By now you must have understood the essence of SEO and its relevance vis-a-vis page ranking. However, there are different techniques of SEO that help you in obtaining the desired results. Therefore, helping you understand one of the important techniques in SEO will be our objective. You will also get to know about the factors that affect the particular techniques as well.

There are three different techniques for SEO, viz.

1. Technical SEO
2. On-page SEO
3. Off-page SEO

different techniques of seo

We shall talk about Technical SEO and the factors affecting it in brief.

Factors affecting Technical SEO are given below:

1. Have XML Sitemap

To have a map of a place to visit makes your job easy and you can figure out things easily. The same is the case with Google’s web crawlers when dealing with the indexing of the website. If a website has a map indicating the crawler the orderly flow of webpages, then indexing improves. This in turn leads to better website ranking.

2. Permalink structure

As the name suggests, permalink means a permanent link. It is the link that includes the domain name and the slug. Slug is the content that comes after the domain name. To have an SEO-friendly permalink is a must to improve the ranking of the page. Therefore, the permalink must not be lengthy, shouldn’t contain special characters, and contain keyword synonyms/ relevant words.

3. Have robot.txt file

To have clarity about which webpage to crawl is quite significant and makes a difference. The role of this text file is to let the search engine’s crawler know which page to crawl and which page to skip. This plays a tremendous role in improving the site’s page ranking.

4. Implements HTTPS

Google has explicitly quoted that having an SSL certificate will be an added advantage in SERPs.

Get To Know Some Top Technical SEO Trends!

After having an understanding of how Technical SEO functions, let’s talk about some SEO trends. The latest Technical SEO trends will give you an idea of how to get more audience and visitors. They’ll let you unleash the power of making the content to the audience visible.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get to know about the latest trends. Having a bit of knowledge will help you in either applying them or demanding these trends from the digital marketing company.

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1. Schema markup

The search engines aren’t smart enough to identify the specifics that you wanna highlight. Therefore, schema helps in making the code distinctive so that it’s easy for the search engine to distinguish clearly.

Using schema and its tags you can clearly mention the name of the site, phone number, social media links. This clarity provided makes the job of the search engine easy to understand and distinguish. So, the search engine provides a better ranking to the page.

2. Core web vitals

While ranking a website Google will also take into consideration the page load speed. Core web vital will be one of the indexing mechanisms that Google has decided to apply on the websites. Core web vitals will contain 3 things:

  • Loading (Largest Contentful Paint)

LCP is the factor to measure the time taken to load the largest image/content on your website

  • Interactivity (First Input Delay)

FID is the time taken by the user to see the first image or text on your website.

  • Visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift)

CLS is the factor to determine the shifting of the website’s layout due to ads or popups.

LCP, FID, and CLS should have green indicators in the Core Web Vitals for good technical SEO of the website.

In short, these are the two most important trends of technical SEO.

Check Out Types Of Technical SEO & Their Significance!

To have a good ranking of the web pages, you must need to know the types of SEO. There are different types of SEO and according to the need of the client, they’re applied. The main objective of any SEO is to rank the webpage for a better audience.

1. White Hat SEO

When it comes to having the best practice for implementing SEO on a website, then it’s White Hat SEO. It is the solution for your question, what should be the strategy for long term digital marketing. This technique will give you the best results because it follows a natural or organic approach.

White Hat SEO takes time to show the results, therefore, you need to have patience. It also depends on SEO-oriented content, that demands the use of appropriate keyword density. All the web pages under the website must have SEO-oriented content to show exceptional results.

2. Black Hat SEO

There are times when you might want your site to rank instantly in order to attract audiences. Therefore, you’re willing to compromise on the quality of the SEO to get the rankings. In that case, you can go for Black Hat SEO where the ranking for your website will improve significantly. However, there is a catch, the ranking will improve only for a short while.

Black Hat SEO doesn’t adhere to search engine guidelines. Since it’s an unreliable SEO type, there are chances that your website might also get blacklisted by the search engine.

3. Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is the combination of tricks followed by White Hat and Black Hat. It ensures efficient work to improve the rankings of your site, however, it requires proportions.

It is highly recommended by SEO specialists to use 95%White Hat SEO and 5% Black Hat SEO guidelines.

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