What Does Your Company’s Social Feed Say About You?

what does your company’s social feed say about you

If you are just starting a business or building up your own online presence it is vitally important to have active social media profiles.
In order to build up your presence, you must have a profile that reflects your brand and everything that you want to promote.

If you understand the importance of social media, then you would understand why your profiles need to mirror everything that you are trying to bring attention to. The reach of social media spans globally, and you probably have noticed your employees, future employees and customers are interacting daily – even hourly – on this zooming platform.

Purpose Of Social Media For Brands

Social media is used to build, promote, and increase the visibility of your brand. The reason that social media is necessary when building a brand is that it allows you to interact and engage with your target audience. Social media allows you to provide fresh content while reaching larger populations.

If you are just starting out, building an audience that connects with your brand can be a challenge. Since there are many platforms, it is important to know which one aligns the most with your brand and what will help to bring the most traffic (ie: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

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Factors Reflected By Your Social Media Feeds

Companies that have social media accounts follow an approach to reach their business objectives. They target audiences using various methods like mentioning trending hashtags, relevant to the topic. Let’s have a look at the factors through which social feeds reflect a brand:

#1 What you’re trying to showcase?

Every brand follows a specific social media strategy to reach its targets – engagement, leads, or traffic. The content they post on these channels shows the purpose behind the strategy. For instance, if you just started a fashion business, your posts will be focused on sharing thoughts about the industry and trends.

It can include promotional or sponsored posts but the intent will always be visible to the audience. In case, the audience is not able to understand the motive behind posting a particular post then you might be doing it wrong.

#2 Targeted Topics

The feeds you will be creating on social media also show the topics you choose randomly or revolve around. Moreover, the ideologies behind the post you are sharing will also reflect your brand’s targeted topics.

social marketer top goals

For instance, if you are a cloud services provider then your feeds will mostly be filled with tech-oriented content. In addition, the sponsored or promotional content will also be based on these topics.

#3 Your Responsiveness

For companies that post regularly on all social media pages, tend to be more active and responsive to their target audience. For taking queries, issues, and conversations, these companies proactively listen to their audience to establish a sense of reliability.

Moreover, the activities companies do such as updating banners, cover images, and posting, make them more active on these platforms. This is simple as that – the more activity you do, the more responsive and active you will remain.

#4 Having an Open-Door Policy

Almost every company across the globe shows its contact details on social media channels. In addition, they also mention operational hours to help audiences reach them at the appropriate time.

Social media platforms already have multiple features that are currently helping brands to also showcase their operational location or region. This results in the open-door policy of the brands that they are always available to reach out to or become connected to.

LinkedIn’s features allow individuals to browse about a company and can follow it to get the latest updates about posts and jobs as well. This is where this policy becomes more vital while what you add to your profile to stay connected.

#5 Workplace Culture

Companies’ social feeds also have pictures of their employees, office environment, and events. This reflects the culture of a workplace, adopted by the brands. These posts are generally effective to represent the positive decorum of the office.

These posts help to bring more engagement and interests of employees following the brand, to come and be a part of that company. This will bring more value and authority to the brand, providing the individuals with more factors to explore.

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#6 Social Feed Patterns

Here, the feed patterns are related to the posting criteria of the companies according to their social media strategy. For instance, if a business is posting a technology-oriented creative on Tuesday then it might choose a theme as ‘Tech Tuesday’.

The patterns might change according to the latest trends in the industry. The more frequently companies change their strategies, the more randomly their feeds become filled with randomly targeted posts.

#7 Brand’s Purpose

A company’s social media feeds can easily tell the individuals what actually brands are looking to achieve. If they are consistently posting promotional content then their main purpose is to achieve more partnerships.

For instance, if a company posts statistical data about a particular agenda then its purpose will be to educate the audience. This factor also depends on the pattern companies following during the implementation of their social media strategy.

When you keep all these factors in mind while creating a perfect social media strategy, you will be able to represent your company better. Now let’s get to the most effective ways to reflect your brand on social media platforms:

6 Ways To Reflect Your Brand Through Social Media

#1 Utilize Superior Visuals

Digital content plays an important role during the implementation of social media strategy. You need to create and post smart visuals like GIFs, images, videos, animations, etc. These types of content help a lot in grabbing users’ attention and make your profile more attractive.

#2 Implement Brand’s Voice

In order to make your brand stand out on social media platforms, you need to use your core business theme. Determining and implementing the brand’s voice will effectively engage the right audience to your social feeds and channels.

In general, the brand’s voice is the core theme and purpose of your company. To become unique among the competitors, you need to optimize the profile including the logo and brand’s tagline on cover pages.

#3 Explore Content Distribution

Content distribution becomes easy when you utilize the right platform for the right purpose. There are plenty of network tools that can give a little additional presence. It will include several posting techniques with different content types like images, animations, videos, etc.

content marketing distribution channels

Plain texts across the platforms like LinkedIn and Quora can be a big plus to your content strategy. Moreover, you can bring the audience towards your profile and posts using polls, quizzes, live stories, and videos. These tools are really effective when it comes to utilize every type of content and distribute it along all the channels.

#4 Customize Account’s Theme

Customizing the theme of your social media accounts also helps to boost the presence of your target audience. Implementing this criterion not only includes the utilization of a specific color palette in the posts but also gives a distinct outlook to the profile.

Customized accounts also make the profile visually pleasing, create an impact on the mindset of your followers. You have the leverage to analyze your competitors and then make changes to your accounts.

#5 Create Captivating Captions

Captions play an important role to complete a social creative while posting on any of the platforms. Along with the strong visuals, captions should be written in a way that can create hype about the post and elaborate on what it trying to convey.

Always focus on making the captions more compelling while creating a social post. It will capture your audience’s interest and help to build a connection with the post. Many of the social media experts implement storytelling factors to tell the exact matter behind the posting the creative.

#6 Include Recurring Posts

Recurring posts are the one that helps to keep your audience stick to your brand with an intent to get meaningful message or information. These posts can be created in the form of quizzes, polls, trending agendas, and many more related ideas.
The motive of these posts is to keep the audience coming back to your profile feeds again and again, periodically. As a result, you will be able to maintain a hype of your brand throughout the implementation of the social media strategy.
As long as you follow a business-oriented social media strategy, you will get consistent outcomes from social feeds through the factors mentioned earlier in this post.

How CX Crux Utilizes Social Feeds?

Social media platforms are very crucial to know what your audience is liking and how they are reacting to your posts. CX Crux analyzes all the factors that are crucial for building a reliable social media strategy. From defining the objectives to optimizing the content, our approach is to fulfill the purpose of increasing the visibility and engagement of the brand.

Building the content plan according to the objectives like – increasing the audience reach, generating quality leads, getting more brand engagement, etc.

Focusing on optimized visuals to attract the target audience with the context and ideology of the posts.

Consistently update the profile by analyzing the trending aspects on the social media platforms like cover pages, banners, descriptions, etc.

Making the feeds more explanatory by using more contextual themes and data to be included in the posts.

While we share the ideologies with the audience to grab their attention, we prioritize implementing qualitative measures in social feeds. Whatever we do, we do with planning to get measurable outcomes during the analysis of our progress!

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