How does Quora Marketing Support Lead Generation & Engagement?

quora marketing support lead generation & engagement


“Any business with leads and engagement can sustain in the market as compared to a business with strategies only”

For a business, customers are the most valuable asset. If there are no customers for a product, service, there is a business in reality. No matter if the business is great or selling outstanding ideology if it is not engaging users and not able to convince them into a loyal user, the ideology is of no use.

Surely, the idea, a product, or service is the foundation of any business, but users are the support system to it. Users have the potential of making or breaking a brand the way they want. Thus, attracting users every day, every second is what businesses tend to work upon!

To do so, there are numerous ways to attract users, one can opt for Inbound marketing or Outbound marketing, or both if required. From all these aspects of marketing, there are platforms available that can also help brands engage users and convert them into customers.

YouTube advertising is obvious, other than that, Quora Marketing is one of the best platforms to generate leads while engaging users to the content written or shown.

Quora is a platform where you are educating, informing, engaging, and converting viewers into customers and finally the loyal ones! Thus, businesses can definitely opt for the platform as an extra to leave no stone unturned.

Understanding how Quora can be a great platform for generating leads and engagement, let us understand it from the very beginning-

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What is Quora?

Quora is one of the social media platforms but a little different from others too! Here, users can ask questions and the real users provide them the answers as per the interest. The answer can either be a one-liner, a freestyle writing, a long paragraph, narrative style writing, detailed observations, real-life examples, stats, data, or anything that can use to answer the question.

Anyone can answer or question their query here!

After sign-in into the Quora Platform, one is given the choice of choosing a niche and interest and gets started with question & answering. Whatever answer or question one will be doing will reflect on their page, thus, it is good to write answers that are genuine, correct, and are helping the user.

Though there are many platforms available, however, it is the best platform that not just engages users but also makes them connect with the person via creating links to the web pages or service page. One can follow pages, people, and groups and can be followed back.

But why Quora for lead generation & engagement?

reason to choose quora for lead generation and engagement

Quora is one of the platforms for generating leads and engaging users and there are a few ways that show its importance-

  • Quora has 300 million active users
  • As per Quora’s B2B Marketing Guide, 54% of the Quora users report an annual household income of more than $100,000.
  • 65% of the Quora users are highly educated
  • Users who are 18+ or older spend more time on Quora as compared to LinkedIn
  • Thousands of businesses are earning success from Quora marketing
  • There are more than 4,00,000 topics available on Quora
  • 27% of the marketers are planning to increase their budget on quora ads

Other than that, there are more reasons to opt for Quora. Those are-

  • Quora is the platform from where you are directly connecting with the customers. This eliminates the need for using several platforms and creating content as per them.
  • On Quora, one can add the website link in a flowing manner that can make users click on the link
  • The platform helps in bettering the brand value while increasing the traffic to the website if the link is placed nicely into the content

Though generating traffic by linking the website to the content is a little challenging, however, properly linking can bring effective results.

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Understanding the importance of the Quora Platform, it is now the time to get started with it-

A solid Profile

Having a solid profile at Quora is what attracts users to it. Add some credibility to the profile, offer comprehensive information to the users, and promote your company in a nice manner.

Making a profile consists of an authoritative profile image, a description, and other additional information required to make the profile even more engaging.

Topics choices

Being a brand, it is essential to follow topics that align with the idea of a brand as it is reflected on the profile. Follow topics that are right and see what kind of questions people are asking and what audiences are interested in.

Here you are not meant for choosing the topics, the questions will reflect on their own on the dashboard.

For the topics, adhere to the steps-

  • Type the topics in the search bar
  • Click on the results shown
  • You can follow those questions, answer them, or look for the left side of the screen with so many other options
  • Repeat the steps for more questions, topics related to the industry

Also, Quora will also update you about the questions based on the topics you subscribed to. The more questions you will be answering, you will be getting recommendations as per them.

Show expertise

When answering the questions, make sure you are genuinely interested in the topics and answering the questions with great expertise. Pick questions you are sure of answering and interested in. You increase your credibility by answering in an expert manner.

Follow a few things like-

  • The right profile picture
  • Write professionally, solve the query, add references, link answers and etc
  • Explain your answer like an expert

All these will result in getting more views, upvotes, and comments too!

Be genuine

For getting more followers, it is good to write answers that are meaningful and help the person solve their query. It will be of no use if you have shown yourself an expert but answering like a newbie or an amateur.

Track analytics

By looking at the analytics dashboard, look for the number of upvotes, comments, views, shares. Also, making it a daily or twice/thrice in a week habit can make you understand if your chosen topics are getting traction or not.

Share answers

On Quora, you will also be given “sharing” of the answer feature too. You can share your answer or can share someone’s answers to your space or to any group. Other than that, you can also share answers to social media platforms.

These are the ways through which you can use Quora. The platform is filled with millions of users you can take advantage of. All you need is to take care of how to make things smooth while adding links that do not seem stuffed!

growth of quora as a marketing channel


Quora is platform users look forward to in order to get answers to their questions or related queries. The questions can be related to real-world things, myths, theories, product related questions, and others. Keeping this in mind and choosing this as an opportunity, businesses can definitely choose the platform to showcase their expertise in the preferred field.

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