Ocean Spray | Nathan Apodaca

The story of Ocean Spray going viral via Tik-Tok video

Ocean Spray is a popular agricultural corporation that manufactures craneberries and grapefruits through farming. Last year in November, a surprising incident happened where the brand experienced a steep growth in their sales after a successful execution of influencer marketing. Here is how :

  • Ocean spray experienced a huge boost for the brand from a TikTok video, which became viral and embraced the popularity of the brand worldwide.
  • The company got a focus on boosting new brands that prioritize the fitness and nutrition of the consumers who are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 and want healthy foods.
  • Ocean Spray CEO – Tom Hayes, appraised the support of influencer marketing from TikTok Fleetwood Mac’s tunes and Apodaca’s humorous effort.

The best thing about Ocean Spray’s success is that they thrived on the opportunity to make their brand large using this strategy. The after-effects of this major success are:

  • The support from worldwide viewers experienced in favor of viral brand building. That resulted in huge growth in the farming sector as well.
  • Utilization of video content sharing platform, TikTok, helped the brand to become more visible across the globe. Apodaca’s video went viral and helped the the brand to increase its customer reach.
  • Ocean Spray became more active towards quality farming and manufacturing of organic fruits for the modern era. They started following a Sustainable Agriculture Initiative with 700+ farmers.


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