Mc Donald's | Travis Scott

When The Hype "Travis Scott" collaborated with McDonalds

Travis Scott and McDonald’s branding collab campaign has re-designed the way of increasing sales and engagement. They have merged influencer marketing and video marketing pretty well with a celeb face. Here are the key highlights of this campaign:

  • Launch of a limited edition meal – “Cactus Jack” that attracted a huge sales funnel.
  • Creating the hype of McDonald’s art-of-fast-food business by Travis Scott, by showing love for the restaurant.
  • Smartly optimizing the brand tagline – “I’m loving it!” to “It’s Lit”, using the most utilized phrase of Scott’s songs.
  • Capitalizing on the market analytics to know if they are doing it right with 2-way influencer marketing.
This collab campaign offers a lot to learn if you are a brand looking for quick outcomes. Here are the pointers which should remain under focus:
  • Connecting audience with the products/services through interactive, quality, and unique content. When you offer something new, and that with a celebrity twist, people will definitely get their hands on it.
  • Deep analysis of the market trends increases the chances to experiment with the strategies according to the desired goals. Moreover, reports will also showcase other metrics where progress has gone up to the mark.
  • Perfectly crafted influencer marketing with Travis Scott’s special meal available for a limited time period. This resulted in a steep rise in the overall sales.
  • The content did its part really well with an optimized brand tagline – “It’s Lit”. The phrase is very popular in Travis Scott’s songs.

This collaborative campaign performed really well as McDonald’s saw approximately 40% growth in sales. Travis Scott has been a true lover of McDonald’s dishes and the Cactus Jack meal brought that spark from the celebrity very well.


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