"Movement That Inspires": KIA Reveals New Brand Strategy

movement that inspires : kia reveals new brand strategy


Popular automobile brand Kia has uncovered its new logo and brand trademark, the most recent in a line of vehicle manufacturers refinishing their brand for a randomly changing contemporary market.

Showing a drastically unique typographic methodology, shape, and new shading plan, the new logo is a long way from a brand change however uncovers a boldly enormous advance away from its old picture.

With its new logo, as of late found inside a Korean brand name recording, Kia Motors is certainly investing much more energy in it.

The new plan is a sleeker, racier number that actually loses the crossbar of the ‘A’ yet takes everything away in a substantially more adapted manner, dumping those indifferent serifs and as opposed to organizing the logo as a sawtooth wave.- THAT’S HOW THEY SHOWCASED IN THEIR LOGO UNVEILING VIDEO.

It’s simply the leg of the ‘K’ that transforms it into an amazingly insignificant portrayal of Kia’s name.

The logo replaces the organization’s past logo that explained Kia with isolated red letters, which was presented in 1994 and refreshed in 2004. This thus had supplanted a logo finished off with a blue wave that was utilized in the last part of the 80s and mid-90s, with a green topsy turvy Q and a three-sided logo utilized before that.

Discarding the oval logo of the old, the new identification should evoke considerations of ‘evenness and cadence,’ being a vigorously adapted interpretation of the Kia name. The organization is likewise discarding its old ‘The Power to Surprise’ trademark for a less unassuming aphorism: ‘Movement that inspires.’

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What Kia’s New Logo Assembles?

The logo is an asset of Kia’s new brand strategy and the qualities it vows to offer customers through future-oriented products and solutions, along with the quality experience. Kia seals its image guarantee by building up the new logo to take after a transcribed mark.

The rhythmical, whole line of the logo passes on Kia’s obligation to bringing snapshots of motivation, while its balance exhibits certainty. The rising offers of the logo encapsulate Kia’s rising desire for the brand, and, all the more significantly, what it offers to the clients.

Another worldwide brand trademark, “Movement That Inspires,” is additionally important for the Kia makeover. The progressions show up as a feature of the automaker’s “Plan S” business technique, a drawn-out activity that organizes contributions like electric vehicles and mobility administrations to spike development.

A Completely New Brand Strategy

Kia Corp. is tweaking its name as it grasps another brand system zeroing in on making manageable versatility answers for clients. Flagging the brand splitting endlessly from its conventional assembling driven plan of action, Kia is eliminating the “Engines” from its name.

Kia reported subtleties of its new image reason and desire for the future during a computerized exhibit occasion on the Kia Global YouTube channel. in the 19-minute video, the automaker demonstrated a 60-second “brand statement” recognize that hypes the inventiveness the brand is grasping.

Here is the video that brings attention to Kia’s new branding outlook:

Kia plans to present seven new committed electric vehicles by 2027 and to accentuate supportable assembling. The brand’s originally devoted Battery Electric Vehicle and new plan reasoning will be uncovered soon.

Is Kia Following GM’s Rebranding Strategy

The South Korea-based brand says its high contrast logo represents the organization’s change to a versatility organization with a higher good reason zeroed in on supportability and transportation arrangements.

The corporate rebranding echoes a comparable logo change by General Motors Co. recently. Nissan Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp., and Volkswagen AG have likewise as of late modernized their logos.

So, yes. It can be a competitive move from Kia motors but in a completely different way.

What Experts Are Saying?

“Removing the ‘Motors’ from Kia’s corporate name shows our commitment to our long-term plan and business strategy,” said Ho Sung Song, Kia’s President, and CEO. “Kia wants to create sustainable mobility solutions for consumers, communities, and societies around the world.”

“The new Kia is undergoing a full transformation to deliver meaningful experiences, products, technologies, and design that are all focused on you – our customers,” said Kyungmi Lee, Head of Marketing Communications at Kia. “From now on, every time you encounter a new element of the Kia brand, we want you to be inspired.”

Why Kia Adopted This Rebranding Strategy?

All things considered, brands don’t frequently throw their logos in the garbage can and begin once again. Indeed, even unpretentious changes to long-serving brand markers are dealt with cautiously. Cadillac, for instance, has advanced its shield logo a couple of times in its 100 or more year history, with the deficiency of the identification’s beautiful wreath denoting its greatest break.

Taking a logo like Kia’s, which is youthful by industry guidelines, and rolling out significant improvements actually chances befuddling clients and flushing brand mindfulness down the latrine. In the event that Kia is fiddling with changing its unmistakable marker in any event, for an ideal vehicle, it demonstrates the organization is at any rate taking a gander at transforming it on its creation vehicles.

Here is the complete New Logo Unveiling Video (you should check it out and feel the awesomeness):

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