How India Is Ahead In Creativity In Digital Marketing?

how india is ahead In creativity in digital marketing

People have curiosity over how India is ahead in creativity in digital marketing. There are multiple answers and reasons to it. But before we jump right into it, we must understand what’s digital marketing in general. This will help you understand the complexities clearly and you can make a better judgement.

Digital marketing provides SMEs to have a reliable online presence. This gives them and their products/services audience. The exposure to their products leads to sales, wherein the customer also has the option to buy online.

So let’s take a look at digital marketing’s popularity and how Indian creativity has given it a boost.

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What’s the significance of Digital marketing? Let’s analyze!

In today’s world, where everybody has access to the internet and devices, an online presence is non-negotiable! The chances of your business growth are also dependent on how you’re promoting your business on the internet. Most of the youngsters today are glued to the screens and therefore there’s an untapped market of potential customers.

This is the reason why digital marketing provides flexibility and becomes significant if you want reliable exposure to the market.

You can have good revenue

A presence in the digital sphere is a must these days because of the untapped potential of customers. Therefore, from having a website, to creating SEO-based content, digital marketing companies do it all. This leads to the exponential growth of a business that doesn’t have a digital presence.

Economical than conventional marketing

When it comes to conventional marketing, then there are a lot of expenditures and resources associated. Moreover, conventional marketing has restrictions when it comes to audience visibility. Therefore, it’s more sensible to have an online presence of the business for more exposure. It’ll lead to more sales.

Provides leveling field for SMEs growth

With the rise of SMEs in G7countries, the presence of digital marketing is inevitable. It’ll provide the companies with a chance to compete with huge online retailers like Amazon, eBay, etc. This will definitely level the playing field for SMEs and they can do their business online as well.

Conversion of leads to sales is fast

Having an online presence will first give you leads. It can be in the form of potential customers enquiring about the product. Then the responsibility of conversion from lead to sales lies in your hand. It involves having a user-friendly site, analytics, and whatnot. However, if you’re organized and systematic in your approach, then conversion happens in no time.

How India is ahead in creativity in digital marketing?

India is home to IT and affiliated industries because of the rising economy and talented workforce. There are many companies that provide digital marketing, as a service, to clients abroad and domestically. This has lead to developing a niche in this sector.

The graph above displays popular social media platforms. These platforms can be used for digital marketing as well.

most popular network worldwide

Let’s check out some tools that help digital marketers grow your business.

Keyword planner

It is the tool that used for keyword research for finding the words according to search volume. Through this, you come to know about the most used keyword in the search engine and can target content accordingly. It’s quite helpful if you’re writing blogs or articles on a particular subject.


One of the most used Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress. Due to its easy functionality and ton of themes, it has become quite a popular platform with digital marketers. It allows you to have different themes and appearances for your website. You can choose the layout accordingly and then put the content.

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Yost is a content analysis mechanism and is known for its accuracy. You can use the tool to easily check the blog that you’ve written. There are various SEO parameters that need to have a green signal. This is how you’ll come to know whether the blog is SEO-worthy or not.


It’s a wonderful tool that helps in generating images that you desire. There are tons of pre-made templates and graphics that you can use easily. Images add a personal touch to the blog and make it interesting to read. Therefore, by having images you can always capture the attention of the visitor.

What all does Digital marketing involves!

list explaining what digital marketing involves


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and it’s the process of increasing the exposure of your site. It’s critical because if the site has more audience to look at, then there’s a good probability of an increase in sales.

App development

Having a custom-made application for a specific industry is a must. It makes the user engage with the product/ service in a much better fashion. This ultimately leads to sales.

Web design

To have a robust online presence, you need to have a website developed. It must be interactive and aesthetically designed in order to attract and engage the visitors.


One of the key features to increase the search results for your site is SEO optimization. Through this, your website will have more visibility and people will get to know about your services.

Video production

Videos are an important component of digital marketing. Its purpose is to make the audience aware through the power of visualization!

Email marketing

The process involves making your endeavors visible to prospective clients through email. The power of email marketing is undeniable and therefore the process is beneficial for providing more audience to your business.

Content marketing

It involves making aware the public of the services in the form of blogs, social media posts, or videos. It doesn’t clearly promote the company, however, it makes the audience aware of the services.

Social media

The importance of social media can’t be ignored. Youngsters, these days, are hooked to platforms like FB, Instagram, etc. Therefore, it becomes the ultimate ground to advertise your products.


It involves the process of creating a brand through the use of apps, websites, and marketing in general. Branding is one of the services that digital marketing companies provide to make your company stand out.

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Factors affecting Digital marketing cost? Get to know them!

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of digital marketing. Therefore it becomes important to analyze them and invest money accordingly. Let’s take a brief look at some of the factors affecting the cost of digital marketing.

Goals for marketing

When it comes to goals, then the objectives must be predefined if you’re investing to expose your services online. Therefore, a layout of the complete strategy must be at your disposal before you present your idea to the marketing agency. This will help them, in giving you a close estimate about the investment required.

Reputation of agency

Before giving the project to any agency, thorough research work is required. This will define whether the company will be able to handle the project or not. There are many factors that may affect your judgment. It can be an investment in the company as well.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy plays an important role in the cost of digital marketing. It’s crucial for you to understand the nitty-gritty as you’ll be investing. Therefore, you need to have a systematic approach and a layout. A strategy will help you with your investment in the projects.

Location of agency

The location of the digital marketing agency also matters because of the workforce availability. Countries like India where skilled workers in the IT and digital marketing sector are easily available will be beneficial. You can save your money and get the project done in less.

These are some factors that matter when investing in a digital marketing agency. If you wanna get your money’s worth, then you must follow the points above.

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