Why Growth Hacking Will Not Generate Revenue?

why growth hacking will not generate revenue


Organizations say that the idea of “growth hacking” is a novel one — particularly in the era of online marketing. In spite of the fact that the procedures and channels that you can use to hack a business’ growth have to be sure increased, the order has not. It’s as yet about utilizing an assortment of ideologies to accomplish an increment in the outcomes.

Also, You’ll find online that the position responsibilities of growth hacker are quite like a digital marketer. By all accounts, it’s hard to track down the contrasts between the two. In any case, don’t be mixed up—they are inconceivably unique.

Growth hacking and digital marketing – the two terms that have overwhelmed the digital scenario. Yet, it is inappropriate to say that any of them supplants or replaces the other.

Actually, they are not totally different from one another and are true, connected solely. The two of them share a similar rationale of utilizing creativity, experimentation, and analytics to achieve objectives; though the strategies are extraordinary.

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To know them briefly and with core information, let’s start first with growth hacking:

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking isn’t sorcery. It will not lift the growth up by millions solely after a couple of long stretches of execution. It’s not digital science yet a decent growth hacker should be a handyman and an expert of coding.

Specialized knowledge is fundamental for growth hackers. Hacking can bring tremendous outputs whenever observed appropriately and can end up being one of the least demanding and cost-saving arrangements with regards to digital marketing for startups as well as leading companies.

Thus, hacking of business progress is initiating brilliant marketing and imaginative brand-building strategies with gifted specialized coding. It characterizes the new imaginative system of getting and drawing in cutting-edge marketing creativities and abilities to grow organizations quicker.

At its center, the idea of growth is straightforward. Digital marketers will probably build brand mindfulness and urge user engagement to advance the product or solution they give. Growth hackers have a firm spotlight on taking the business up, regardless of what office it might incorporate. This model is seen oftentimes in new companies.

The Key Concept Behind Growth Hacking?

Digital is a landmark on which advertisers are battling to accomplish the upper hand. There can be solid targets, obliging spending plans, restricted assets, and an excess of contenders against a setting of propelling devices and platforms. A regular way to deal with advertising is not, at this point enough. The best way to endure is to adjust.

Growth hacking is an order that can be developed inside a marketing group. In bigger associations, there can be a different, cross-work development unexpected. It may appear to be plainly obvious that the particular objective of growth hacking is scaling the business.

However, its adaptability makes this concept worth significant and magnificent. It doesn’t make any difference in case you’re a limited startup or a worldwide organization; growth hacking doesn’t segregate and anybody can use it.

For instance, when Kia reveals a new brand strategy a few months ago, their core focus was to scale their reach and hence business growth. But, their objective of generating more revenue through sales didn’t depend on this strategy. They implemented growth hacking smartly, and also effectively.

However, when it comes to generating revenue growth hacking might not be a long-term option for your business. Have a look at the following factors that will make this statement factual:

Why it isn’t suitable for revenue generation?

revenue growth hacking funnel

Measures outputs, not outcomes

Most growth hacking strategies measure yields rather than results. It centers around how you increase something with speedy strategies, without clarifying how it adds value. For instance, running a business growth campaign can give you lead opportunities but you can get your loyal customers through digital marketing. And this will add up value to your brand.

Marketing objectives ought to consistently line up with income objectives. growth hacks infrequently consider yields regarding producing income for your organization in the long haul.

Good for short-term success, but not long-term

Growth hacks are interesting to authors since they don’t need long-haul arranging. Obviously, it’s enticing to put off making a marketing plan and financial plan and rather transfer your Twitter followers into a questionable device to create 100 leads. Nonetheless, this is mentally languid and doesn’t set your organization up for reasonable growth.

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Might Affect Data Security & Privacy

Growth hacks frequently depend on ill-defined situation devices that are possible security and protection hazards. Be careful about free instruments that just require your username or approval with your Twitter token. On the off chance that you’re not paying for the product/service, then your data or information might be at the stakes.

Moreover, Facebook and Google are more brilliant than you. Since most growth hacks are basically abuses, it won’t be long until the platform you’re misusing cuts you off. Whatever weakness the tool uncovers through Twitter, Facebook, or Google will be fixed very quickly or days.

Growth is not restricted to a one-time objective, you need to maintain consistency throughout the campaign run. And to generate revenue, these short-term growth hacks won’t be able to fulfill your destiny. That’s where digital marketing comes to plays an important role.

The Relation Between Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing

End goal

Digital marketers center around getting the brand some acknowledgment in the objective market and procuring clients. However, growth marketers feel free to zero in on every one of the phases of the client channel – directly from attention to procurement, maintenance, and re-transformation.

The methodology that most digital marketers follow, is to assist the business with accomplishing their long-term arrangement. Yet, with regards to growth hackers, everything is on a most optimized plan of attack course.

Risks involved

Presently since digital marketers are running after assisting the business with accomplishing a long-term objective, they need to zero in on the name the brand makes for itself on the lookout. That is the reason they will in general pick risk-free approaches to advertise products and solutions to customers.

Then again, since growth hackers are attempting to accomplish a bigger objective in a more limited range of time, they don’t avoid thinking something different to advance the business.

Technical knowledge

Most digital marketers come from a non-specialized foundation. While they are educated up about the different social media marketing and digital platforms they can use to market a business, they regularly need assistance in executing their thoughts.

For example, they’d look for help from a designer and developer at whatever point they need to set up a greeting page for a marketing effort.

In any case, with regards to growth hackers, they bring things into their hands totally. Directly from ideation to execution, they do everything.

Data-driven approach

Despite the fact that they measure the exhibition of missions routinely, most digital marketers depend on mystery and suppositions to advance their best course of action. Be that as it may, the growth hackers, plunge profound into information by reliably testing, estimating, and afterward advancing everything in a hurry.

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Is Digital Marketing The Right Preference Here?

The connection between growth hacking and digital marketing isn’t clear, yet the underlining connection between these two is related and extraordinarily relies upon one another. Growth Hacking is an umbrella term that connotes all the backend works that a logical person does to expand the development chart of a business.

To do this, growth hackers fuse different creative strategies that incorporate coding and executing any remaining individual and eccentric marketing techniques. Other than traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing can help up in raise the bar for the business – basically finding more revenue opportunities.

Various strategies for digital marketing can be executed to secure more prominent growth. Executing SEO to build Google ranking is a fruitful execution of hacking strategies. So while the two jobs will keep on holding their significance for a business, in light of the long haul and transient objectives they are needing to accomplish, they can violate each other.

digital marketing first preference is revenue

A digital marketer can turn into a growth hacker. They should simply construct a scientific twist of the mind, which will focus on just something single – developing the business. There’s nothing of the sort as a substitution here. The particular thing we see is advertisers venturing up their game to assist organizations with accomplishing their objectives quicker, with development hacking.


The best thing about growth chart hacking is, it is an update for organizations particularly new companies, that in this day and age of intensity without sound marketing strategies no business can flourish regardless of whether the firm has top-notch solutions. What’s more, legitimate development won’t ever come except if suitable promoting systems are embraced.

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