Digital Marketing Trends Forecast For 2021

digital marketing trends


“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates.

The statement is apt for the world where everything is driven by digital modes, be it turning on the light, booking a flight, eating in a fancy restaurant, or managing the room. Digital acceptance and technology have reached a phase where if a business is not on the internet or online, it is simply getting out of the league.

Thus, for a thriving business and making a name in the market- make sure you are a searchable name on the internet too. To make you enter the world of the internet- Digital Marketing and a leading digital marketing agency can help you!

Digital marketing is a way that can take your business to the next level, paving a way for a global market too. Just like inbound marketing has taken the place of outbound marketing, similarly, digital marketing has taken the place of outbound marketing making the process of reaching digital heights a little easier but a lot more challenging.

We are calling digital marketing challenging because there are already leaders established their presence on the internet. Take for example- Coca-Cola, Reebok, Nike.

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Coca-cola knows how to rule the heart of users while looking at the societal norms too.

Made for teens, the campaign highlights not just friendship but “true friendship” showing when there is a lot of cruelty everywhere, a true friend at such a time is the most valuable commodity.

NIKE- knows how to merge nicely with social media platforms to shine its brand name even more.

Also, Nike is creatively using one of the digital marketing trends video marketing to spread a message-

Another example of raising a creative awareness about who you are by Dove is showing how businesses can pick a great idea and come up with something that catches not just the attention but the societal norms too.


These brands are taking the support of digital marketing to lead the market digital style!

Digital marketing strategies and creativity are driven by the trends coming up every year making the brand experiment with many different practices. However, understanding pain points about digital marketing too can make you knock the biggest of hurdles to reach success.

Thus, understanding the importance of digital marketing and trends in mind, here is the blog showing the best digital marketing trends forecast for 2021.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started-


Chatbots were always in trend and they will remain on trend for 2021 and the upcoming years. Brands and businesses were yesterday and today are taking the leverage of bots to connect and answering their audiences.

According to the surveys-

  • 40% of buyers don’t care if they are served by a bot or a human agent, (HubSpot)
  • 48% of users prefer interacting with chatbot solving issues over a personality based chatbot. (Business Insider)
  • 82% of users like to have instant responses to their questions when contacting brands (Business 2 Community)
  • 60% of millennials use chatbots whereas over 70% of users felt a positive experience (Forbes)

Businesses are opting for chatbots as they are quick, accurate and provide real-time feedback and answers to users’ queries.

Also, they are 24*7 available for answering users without getting tired of repetitive tasks and queries. Also, by meeting the customer expectations, these chatbots are the most internal part of any business strategies.

Through the app, passengers can choose the right type, make requests, track locations, send the ETA to the known along with making online payment.

Conversational Marketing

Users today want immediate answers to their questions and this is something businesses are adapting to remain connected to their audiences. This gives birth to conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing as the name suggests is a conversational communication with the users in real time.

Conversational marketing is getting hype because it is something that enhances the user experience. This brings loyalty towards the brand from the users.


If you are not offering personalized solutions to the users, you are lagging behind! Users today are more into getting solutions that are made specially for them, in-short- tailor made content.

Here are a few stats showing the importance of personalization-
Around 63% of users finds it annoying when the brand relies upon old-fashioned strategies of sending generic ad messages
74% of customer feels frustrated when a web content is not personalized
63% of users like to connect with the brand that provides them valuable, interesting and relevant content.

The companies using Personalization for user’s loyalty are many, a few among them are-


Spotify knows the trick to engage their audience always. The music is recommended in order to keep users engaged with the platform. Also, the platform encourages users to create their own playlists and ultimately the library.


Be it for professional use or the personal one, Grammarly is the tool that helps naive to professional correct grammatical errors and spelling mistake. Also, with the premium account, getting specialized feature can also be made possible.

Video marketing

Digital marketing trends are incomplete without the mention of video marketing. Video marketing is something which generates more engagement and hooks towards the brand and it is likely to remain in the market for a longer period of time.

video marketing statistic

As per the reports and surveys- 

  • Video marketing market size globally is expected to expand and will reach a mark of $52 billion by the end of 2023
  • Around 75% of the internet traffic streams video content and is expected to reach 82% by 2022
  • Brands are expected to spend more than $100 billion by 2023 on social media marketing

Here is how Apple is leading video marketing- 

Audi knows how to begin and hook users till the end- 

Influencer marketing

Also called word of mouth marketing, influencer marketing focuses upon people, leaders, celebrities, some known personalities, famous podcast readers, and influencers to amplify your brand’s voice to the mass.

If you are getting started with influencer marketing or would like to invest in the same, here are key metrics you should definitely consider- 

Social Media Apps

Social messaging apps are more than sending or receiving cute-looking emojis.

Here are a few stats showing the importance of social media apps and their entry into the list of digital marketing trends 2021-

These social media apps are also capable of letting businesses earn revenue too.

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Voice Search 

Voice search will remain in the market and in the list of digital marketing trends for the longer run. The reason-

voice search statistic

Voice searching is great for voice based content or for written content, the result everytime will be the same and apt. Artificial intelligence, machine learning is getting advanced every day making the chances of errors and issues lesser and reduced. 

Meanwhile, here are a few words that are highly being used through people when doing voice search 

Here are a few brands taking the leverage of Voice search-

  • Nestle using voice search to let their customers cook food easily.
  • Domino’s allow users to place order using voice search without the need to get up from their comfy couch
  • PayPal is making customers make payments using Siri

Social media stories

Social media stories though are not the core and concrete part of the digital marketing trends but it is likely to dominate the trend setup in the coming time period. What started with Snapchat as “My Story” has been adopted by Instagram first and followed by Facebook. YouTube then started their reels concept later. 

The stories are made visible for a given time slot which gives marketers the opportunity to create a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) among audiences. 

With the help of social media stories, brands can take benefits like- 

  • Brand awareness including product newly launched or services provided
  • Engagement with the followers
  • Economical way to create awareness
  • Increase in social media traffic
  • Provides opportunity to connect with millennials along with serving purposes to other age groups

For achieving the same, you can opt for ideas like- 

  • Use polls like LinkedIn 
  • Add links, bio to social media platforms
  • Use geofilters
  • Location tags
  • Mentions
  • Live video
  • Images updates
  • Invite followers
  • Send customized messages

Interactive content

Believe it or not, interactive content is definitely a prominent part of digital marketing trends forecast 2021. The concept of traditional content has been swayed by the adaptation of dynamic, engaging and interesting content. 

Get started with- 

  • Quizzes, polls
  • Guerilla marketing techniques
  • 360-degree videos 
  • Content with awestruck images and others

Here is a decent example of 360-degree VR video

Come up with great ideas, and content that can merge with the social reality while informing, educting, and entertaining the audience. 


There is Augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, that carry special place into the list of digital marketing trends forecast 2021, however, other point like Google Ads, SEO practices, Long-form content, IoT advertising, Omnichannel marketing, use of 5G technology and so much more are the definite part of digital marketing trends that are going to remain stable and intact in the future too. 

If you are willing to get started with your journey towards success, let’s connect to make it a reality soon!

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