How Content Management System Works?

how content management system works

After the introduction of the Content Management System(CMS), website development and blogging have become easy. However, there’s a common query that is asked most of the time, how content management system works? We aim to provide you with all the relevant information in this blog that’ll help you with your query.

Content Management System is the platform for designing websites using the drag and drop method. It’s awesome for building websites for blogging and for portraying your business.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the functioning and importance of CMS below to have a better understanding. Most digital marketing agency use CMS nowadays.

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What’s The Need For A CMS? Check out the importance below!

The need for CMS has led to the development of incredible platforms like WordPress, Wix, Drupal, etc. Many people and businesses don’t know how to code, therefore for them, CMS is a blessing in disguise. It’s easy, save time and money. Check out the importance of having CMS below.

1. It’s free

One of the reasons CMS platforms are popular because most of them are free. The features they offer are alone are more than enough to set up a website for a business or an individual.

2. Easy to publish content

The best part of the CMS is that it is easy to use and post content. You can also edit the content according to your need. This makes content marketing for startups a lot easier.

3. Ton of themes

We all know that a website needs to look awesome and stand out. Therefore, having a website that has striking colors and aesthetics is great and a CMS provides that.

4. Easy to install plugins

CMS sites generally don’t have a lot of features and functionalities. However, you needn’t worry about that as there are plugins that can be added. These plugins provide the needed functionality that you desire.

5. Don’t need developers

For making amendments and changes to the website, you needn’t need developers. All you need to have is the knowledge to use your CMS through drag and drop.

6. Open-source code available

Most of the CMS have their source code openly available. There’s a large community of developers that add website functionalities. Even if you have some issue, you can resolve it on the forum.

7. Easy conversion to an eCommerce website

You might come in a situation where you need to convert your site into an eCommerce site. In that case, conversion to the eCommerce site using CMS is not a headache.

Take A Look At The Working Of A CMS – Explained Concisely!

CMS like WordPress, Wix, Drupal, etc. have made the lives of businesses easy. With their easy-to-understand operations, CMS has taken a major chunk in the development sector. This is why it has become crucial to have a basic understanding of the working of CMS. So, let’s take a quick look at how CMS works.

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1. Basics of CMS

To understand the working of a CMS, we’ll be using an analogy. The analogy compares:

  • server to the hotel
  • website host, like GoDaddy, to a room in the hotel
  • a database, let’s name him Kile, that lives within the hotel.

Kile loves creating tables, spreadsheets, for web pages inside the website. He creates tables for Menu, blog posts, images, etc. Each table is assigned a unique name and it comprises rows and columns with each column having a header.

how cms works

Let’s take a hypothetical example, where a table of actors is created. You can add more columns and rows to the table in the database according to your needs. Now looking at the analogy, replace the table of actors with a table for blog posts. Imagine having five columns in the table:

  • Id
  • Title
  • Content
  • Date
  • Author

Every page of a website retrieves information from the database table comprising rows and columns.

2.Flow in CMS

The picture above demonstrates the flow of working in a CMS. Once you’ve created the table and filled its row with the desired information, then a CMS template is created. The template uses the information filled in the table (in the form of rows and columns) to display on the preview webpage.

flow functioning of a cms

This is how content creation in a CMS is put to display for a larger audience on the internet. The display is in the form of a website that is created using different types of CMS available.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A CMS!

Before choosing a CMS for building a website for business, blog, etc. you must also check the factors. So let’s take a quick look at some of them below.

1. Easy to use

There are many CMS that are available for different purposes. Therefore, it becomes important to assess and analyze your need. You may need a CMS for blogging, in that case, WordPress, Wix, etc. are renowned. However, if you need a CMS for a government site that has good security, then Drupal is preferred.

Therefore, a thorough understanding of your need is a must and the CMS should be user-friendly.

2. Cost-effective

Being on a tight budget can put limits on expectations. Therefore after assessing your budget, you choose the CMS that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Although most of the CMS is for free, there are some that are paid. Also, there are some themes and plugins for which you need to pay extra.

So having an understanding of your requirements vis-a-vis your budget will be good.

3. Easy to customize

CMS is known for creating websites without having to know much about coding. This is why WordPress has a 30% market share in website development. Having multiple themes and plugins can help the platform in unlocking amazing customizations.

Therefore, before beginning website development, you must be comfortable with the platform. Having knowledge about features to customize according to the need of the client will be of great help.

4. Liberal permission

Having a dashboard is a must for a CMS. The dashboard has various controls for the developers as well as the client. The client, if needed, can edit, add or remove content according to his requirements. Therefore, having a dashboard that gives control easily to developers and clients is one of the factors while choosing CMS.

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Take A Peek At Some Of The Popular CMS Below!

Having a simple and functional CMS is a must for digital marketing agencies. This makes their job easy and they can focus their attention on target audience for social media. Therefore a CMS must be user-friendly. Check out some CMS mentioned below.

1. WordPress

It’s one of the most used CMS and captures over 30% of the market. The reason why WordPress is popular is because of its user-friendliness and host of themes. SEO specialists love using WordPress.

2. Blogger

One of the earlier CMS for bloggers is a Google product. You can start with your blogs using the platform as it’s very easy, to begin with. It offers a limited number of themes

3. Tumblr

It’s a combination of a blog and a Twitter feed. You can do microblogging here. However, its SEO capabilities are limited when compared to WordPress.

4. Squarespace

When it comes to creating a website for a blog or for an eCommerce perspective, then Squarespace is great. It even offers SSL protection for your website.

5. Gator by HostGator

It’s beginner-focused with a very easy-to-use interface, therefore Gator website builder is the choice. Therefore, if you’re looking to build your first website, then you must use the service.

6. MovableType

With an extensive array of visual customization options, it’s one the best CMS in the market.

7. Ghost

When it comes to swift response and easy setup, then Ghost CMS is the one. You have basic commands that make it pretty simple to build a website.

8. Wix

When it comes to building a website, then Wix is the platform where you can start. It offers themes, templates, etc. for attractive web design.

Using these simple CMS, you can focus your attention on plans to measure digital marketing campaign. This will enable your website to have great audience visibility.

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