Guide To Choosing The Right Youtube Ad Format

guide to choosing the right youtube ad format


The last part of the blog was about the types of YouTube ads and their importance for a business. This part of the blog will be detailing how to choose the right YouTube ad format for strategic decisions along with getting great results.

Moving on to the blog, Google always brings forward new updates when it comes to YouTube marketing platforms. However, looking at today’s scenario, staying on top when there are already variations of ad formats is a little challenging. Choosing the right ad format is crucial for strategic video marketing performance.

To make you understand how to pick the right YouTube ad format, this guide will help you with it.

There are though 6 YouTube ad formats available, however, 4 are the most used ad formats namely-Trueview In-stream ads, Trueview Discovery ads, Non-skippable ads, and Bumper ads.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started-

How to choose the right YouTube ad format

These are the ads that can be skipped before or during the play of another video from a YouTube creator. Users are given the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds of the video ad, they can either skip the ad or watch the full ad.

These ads are directed and made as per the goal that includes leads, sales, website traffic, product, brand awareness, reach, and product consideration. The TrueView In-stream is further divided into two parts- TrueView for Action and Trueview for Reach.

Trueview for Action

It is focused on taking action to the website in the form of conversion and automated bidding. It is considerable when it comes to the purpose of bringing traffic to the website and converting views into customers, in short- conversions!

how to choose the right YouTube ad format

Using it, businesses can display the brand’s banner with a tailored call to action on the basis of video made. Here the engagement period for the users remains till 10 seconds as compared to 30 seconds with in-stream ads.

Trueview for Reach

It is desirable when you have a product that appeals to the masses while generating brand and product awareness. In the year 2018, Google launched Trueview for Reach offering the option of changing the bid strategy from CPV to CPM. With this approach, your ad should be made between 6 and 30 seconds.

Based on the goal made by the business, Google will simply narrow down the options based on that goal. For example- If your aim is to drive leads, Google will simply guide you towards Trueview for Action format, however, when your aim is to showcase brand awareness and reach, Google will take you towards Trueview for Reach.

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Trueview Discovery Ads For Brand Consideration

These are the ads also known as in-display ads, they are shown as “recommended” videos on the YouTube Homepage or related videos onto the Search page.

True-view Discovery ads have 25 character limit headlines along with a body containing two lines each with a 35-word limit.

youtube ad average cost per view
Discovery ads are approachable when it comes to generating products and for brand consideration. When a user clicks on the ad, he/she is taken to the YouTube channel for watching the associated video whole. A click to watch the video is considered a video. These are the ads that can make users learn more about the products rather than directly taking them to the website.

Non-Skippable Ads For Brand Awareness

Non-skippable ads are considered the best option for gaining the viewer’s attention. They can appear anytime, be it the beginning, mid, or post-roll while watching the videos. These ads are served for 15-20 seconds by Google as it believes viewers are likely to watch the video and the amount is paid on a CPM basis.

As these are the ads that made viewers watch them fully, these are a little charged on a higher side and are considered the best for large advertisers who are willing to spend more for generating brand and product awareness.

Bumper Ads For Message Reinforcement

These are the shortest type of YouTube video ads that are made for six seconds in length. Bumper ads are non-skippable kinds of ads before the user can watch the original content.

The 6 seconds slab is crucial for a business to gain viewers’ attention and encouraging them to know more about the advertisement, product, or service. As the time here is restricted, bumper ads are used for making hype for a product launch or promotion or to reinforce the message to a longer Trueview ad.

These are the 4 ways you can opt for in order to create a fuss in the market, encourage users to look more about your services, products, or make users come to your website. For getting all these results, it is crucial to make things working in a nice and strategic manner.

Everything should be balanced, either the ideology of the brand or the product being portrayed onto the platform, nothing should go over or under the head. As time is limited and the amount is being paid for the platform, not ensuring how much and in which way to present things to the audiences, getting expected results won’t take place.

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