How Podcast Can Help Your Business?

how podcast can help your business


One of the questions that keep the creators awake at night is, which content distribution mechanism is more engaging? There are several perspectives to answering the question, however, a Podcast is one of the efficient problem solving skills. Its exponential rise every year indicates that creators are preferring podcasting over other content distribution systems.

When it comes to making content easily accessible for people to enjoy, then podcasting is the answer. People enjoy listening to their favorite content creators on their mobile devices without any distractions.

In this piece, we’ll see how can a podcast help you in your business growth. In addition to this, a brief relevant information related to the podcast is also shared so that you have a birds-eye view.

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Get to know how Podcasting attracts listeners below!

According to the statistics, there are an estimated, 162million podcast listeners. This trend is continuing to grow every year and therefore, the flexibility of podcasting and its reach can’t be ignored. Let’s quickly take a glance at what makes podcasts a hot selling piece of cake.

Bar graph number of podcast listeners

1. Accessibility

The biggest strength of podcasting is that it provides accessibility to the listeners. You can be in your car and therefore watching a video can be dangerous while driving. In that case, podcasts save the day. You can listen to the content for hours without having the need to get distracted.

In short, podcasts provide you the opportunity to never miss your favorite content. All you need to have is a mobile device and you’re good to go.

2. Low cost

A podcast production is something that is inexpensive in comparison to making a video for distribution purposes. Due to the cheap setup, most podcasters provide you free and invaluable content. This makes listening to your favorite content a pleasure as you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

It’s a reason why people have started opting to listen to podcasts rather than subscribing to other forms of content.

3. Flexibility

Podcasts are turning out to be more flexible than their other content distribution counterparts. From a listener’s perspective, he can find various content types on a podcast and can enjoy them from anywhere. Having this gives the creator as well as the listener immense joy.

The bare minimum requirement for a creator and a listener is a mobile device. A creator needs it for recording and editing the audio content whereas the listener needs mobile to listen to his favorite creator.

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Podcasting empowers you to grow your business exponentially!

Since podcasts and the listener base is increasing, it has become a platform where quality ideas are shared. The content of every genre can be found on a podcast and it gives you the opportunity to make the most of it. A wide listener base is interested in seeing what a podcaster has to offer. Therefore, you can implement a strategy where you can sell your ideas to the listeners.

why people listen to podcast

1. Podcasts increase traffic to your website

Having a podcast and people interested in listening to it will automatically drive traffic to your website

2. Podcasts Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is the transformation of old content like a blog or video into new content in a podcast format.

3. Podcast listeners are highly engaged

Since the podcast format is audio, this drives the user to be more attentive to what the podcaster has to say.

4. Podcasts are an extra marketing channel

When it comes to increasing sales, then it doesn’t hurt to have an alternative content distribution channel.

5. Podcasts help remote workers stay connected

In the age of remote working, it’s extremely important to stay connected. Podcasts are a great way to ensure that.

6. Podcasts promote culture

It’s a great way of promoting the company’s culture as well as an efficient medium for introductions.

7. Podcasts build intimate
relationships with custosmer

To increase the sales of your business you need to know your customer. Therefore, having a podcast can further the interest of the customer to know you.

The points mentioned above justify that a business must have a podcast as a medium for content distribution. Podcasts do have the potential to make your business exceed the heights that you’ve ever imagined.

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The latest trends of podcasting garnering eyeballs!

There’s no denying the fact that podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, knowing everything related to it will give you an upper hand in understanding the content distribution channel. An insight into the podcasting trends will give you a better decision-making call.

Therefore take a look at some of the trends that’ll be transforming podcasting in 2021.

1. Competition is getting stiffer

Spotify and Amazon spent USD300-400mn on acquiring small podcasting companies. This goes on to show that podcasting is becoming popular and will be the future of content distribution channels.

2. Better analytics for advertising

Acquiring small podcasting companies by tech giants will also lead to improvement in analytics. Be it Spotify or any other tech giant, analytics play a huge role in targeting audiences to show them desired content or advertisements. An option to target audience for social media can help you increase your podcasting listeners.

3. Community

Having a large podcasting community helps in organizing events and having co-hosts from a similar genre. This leads to a better engagement with the audience by providing them various perspectives.

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4. Monetizing (through ads, community, subscription?

Podcasters have the option of promoting brands in their podcasts that leads to monetary generation. To run a high-quality podcast, it’s one of the techniques used by podcasters.

5. Podcasting tools

Having podcasting tools like analytics for podcasting helps you understand your audience. You can create audience-specific content for a particular geographical location that will draw attention.

6. Podcasting a great way for building a network

Having a podcast is an awesome way to build a network with the audience and fellow podcasters.

Curious about podcast hosting? Get to know about it below!

Once you’ve decided that the medium of your content distribution will be a podcast, then you’ll have to choose hosting. A hosting service will allow you to publish your content to the world. There are many hosting services that provide podcasters to publish their content. You can take a look below and choose accordingly.

1. Apple podcast

A hosting service that caters to Apple users and devices. If you’re looking to connect with Apple users, then this is the platform to opt for. You can get the service at nominal rates and after that, you can publish your content. Once you’ve done that, then Apple users can download it and listen to your content.

2.Anchor by Spotify

When it comes to streaming music, then Spotify has made a name for itself. The growth of Spotify has led to starting hosting services. So, if you’re a podcaster or have started your business and want to share content, then choose Spotify.

The best part about Spotify is the millions of users, that can be your potential audience. This gives you a huge opportunity to sell your business using the right content.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the earliest places where you used to go for downloading music. However, it has transformed itself in years. It has become a place where you can even host your podcasts. You just need to check whether your content is suitable for podcasting on this platform or not.

4. Blubrry

When it comes to Blubrry it offers hosting service for low costs. It has unbelievable features for podcasters. Therefore, if you want to start your business podcast, then you can opt for Blubrry’s hosting service.

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